The real Genoese Basil

There are many varieties of basil, but there is a reason why the Genoese one is considered the best, that is, the one that according to experts is the most aromatic and suitable for gastronomy. So let’s discover together the characteristics of the real Genoese Basil:

  1. It is distinguished from other types of basil for the leaves of medium-small size, pale green and with an oval and convex shape.
  2. Compared to other cultivars, the Genoese Basil has a higher content of essential oils
  3. Its intended aroma is totally devoid of hints of mint which instead are traceable in other types grown in different territories
  4. Being grown in a land so close to the sea means that the plants absorb many mineral salts from the soil that distinguish their flavor

So we understand …

that the relationship with the area of ​​cultivation and origin determines the excellence of Genoese Basil.

That’s why for our products we could only start from this high quality raw material that represents Liguria in the world!